Why are we moving ESG (“E“ for Environment, ”S“ for Social and “G“ for Governance) into the spotlight? Because it is an integral part of our green. smart. and more. strategy. Here, the pandemic significantly increased the pace of change. Sustainability (green), intelligent buildings (smart) and added value (more) were, of course, important issues for us in the past. But now, we are making them the focal point of our actions. This starts with the acquisition, leads to the question of whether a project can be realised with
wood construction and ends with the building’s CO2 footprint over its entire life cycle. In other words: ESG defines UBM’s entire value chain.

It is, therefore, only logical that we are also committed to integrating the UN Global Compact and its principles into our corporate strategy, our corporate culture and our daily business activities in order to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. UBM has joined the Global Compact and confirmed this participation in a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations in March 2021. Since April 2021 UBM is official participant of the Global Compact. This report follows the recognised GRI standards issued by the Global Reporting Initiative. And as you will see in the many English expressions, UBM is becoming part of a global movement. Our employees have enthusiastically embraced this strategic green. smart. and more. orientation. For our suppliers and customers, it also appears to be the long-awaited catalyst.

And UBM is also one of the first companies on the Vienna Stock Exchange to establish an ESG committee at the Supervisory Board level. And, in the end, we are especially proud that our new Supervisory Board‘s ESG committee is a first for UBM with its entirely female composition.

What‘s more, our first attempt resulted in an ESG rating that catapulted us into the top 15% of our branch. We invite you to accompany us into a green. smart. and more. future.