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UBM Development Deutschland GmbH is a German property developer with a long-standing tradition, which has already realised 100 projects in its home market. The company was established on a foundation built by Münchner Grund Immobilien Bauträger AG, which has been active for more than 50 years primarily in the residential area, and STRAUSS & CO. Development GmbH, which has worked on the development of office and hotel projects throughout Germany since 2002. May 2015 marked the merger of these two project development companies – STRAUSS & CO. and Münchner Grund.

Our strengths cover a wide range of activities from acquisition to obtaining building permits, construction and rental as well as the sale of properties. We offer investors all-inclusive expertise and a high degree of vertical integration, which allow for the realisation of specially designed concepts. Our focus is on the hotel, office and residential asset classes. UBM is the second largest hotel developer in Germany with projects in the Top 7 cities.

Numerous landmark projects demonstrate our capabilities and performance: the Zalando headquarters in Berlin, which created working space for roughly 2,700 employees based on a modern open office concept, as well as the Leuchtenbergring commercial project in Munich with its high-quality office and retail areas on approximately 47,000 m2 and over 10,000 completed residential units across Germany.


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