Sustainable management is in no way limited to environmental aspects. It also covers a company‘s social responsibility, in other words the impact of its actions on society.


This includes fair and responsible interaction with our employees in our direct sphere of influence. The women and men who work for UBM are an important factor for our long-term success and essential for the positive development of our company. In this connection, we have defined the following focus areas:

  • Attractive employer and training & education
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Health and occupational safety


UBM assists with the fulfilment of its employees’ personal goals and offers the potential for individual development, a varied range of training and development possibilities, plus numerous benefits.

Modern workplace
At all our sites, we have created places of work that encourage interaction, creativity, health and performance among our employees.
Performance-based pay
Commitment pays off at UBM – in many areas our employees receive an annual bonus that is dependent on the success of the company and also on individual performance.
Work-life balance
Due to our short week/long week working model, every second friday is off. By shifting the working hours, we create 26 extra days off.
Food & drink
Our employees benefit from a wide range of catering facilities. At our headquarters in Vienna there are a canteen and various restaurants where each day’s food vouchers can be redeemed.
Various forms of support for climate-friendly mobility such as a travel pass for the public transport commute or a contribution to the nationwide travel pass in Austria are available to our employees.
Careers/Further training and education
From in-house workshops and competitions where people are invited to submit ideas, to external training programmes, we offer our employees an extensive spectrum of possibilities for further training and education.
Health & fitness
We place a special priority on the physical and mental health of our employees. Many different sports courses and events are available, and we also contribute to fitness centre membership.
We actively encourage the participation of our employees in this area, for example in workshops where employees can share creative ideas, or through participation in Climate Impact Day.
Fair treatment of our employees and a culture of mutual respect and appreciation are a given at UBM. We would like to especially enhance the role of women at our company in order to improve equal opportunities in the long term.
Be part of a community! In order to boost interaction between our employees, we organize a series of events such as the International UBM Day, the UBM Employee Event, the Christmas Party, the New Year Reception, and much more.


As a real estate developer, we also have an impact on local communities and neighbouring residents. Our projects contribute to the quality of life for society. This applies, in particular, to urban quarter developments, but is also true for residential construction and office buildings. We understand that we change and influence the living environment of people with every real estate development project. That creates a responsibility which we actively accept. Our goal is, wherever possible, to establish a constructive dialogue with neighbouring residents and relevant interest groups in the areas surrounding the projects and to make an improvement through our activities. This added value and neighbourhood vitalisation also benefit the project over the long term.
Accordingly, we have defined focal points in the following areas:

  • Architecture, urban quarter development and social diversity
  • Infrastructure & mobility
  • Customer orientation and awareness creation

iso certificates.

The corporate units in Austria (AG and UBM Austria), Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland are certified under the following internationally recognised norm:

  • occupational health and safety management norm ISO 45001


The certificates can be downloaded from the following links: