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A public offer of securities of the Issuer will be made exclusively in Austria, Germany and Luxembourg and will be made exclusively by way of and based on the securities prospectus approved and published (and notified) by the FMA (including supplements) which you can obtain free of charge from the Issuer, Laaer-Berg-Straße 43, 1100 Vienna, Austria, during the regular business hours, and which can be viewed on the Issuer's Website (www.ubm-development.com). Subscription orders received before the beginning of the subscription period will be rejected. This Website is no offer for the sale or a request for the purchase of any securities of the Issuer either in the USA or in any other country or vis-à-vis persons insofar as such an offer or such a request is prohibited or not authorised. The users of this Website are requested to inform themselves about such restrictions and to comply with them. 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