Significant Increase of Profitability Based on Proforma Financial Figures 2014

Vienna (pta004/07.04.2015/08:00) – UBM Realitätenentwicklung AG, set to be renamed UBM Development AG in May, published its preliminary figures for the 2014 financial year on 24 February 2015. The final figures for the financial year 2014 are now in and show a significant rise in earnings indicators.

Consolidated production output (proceeds from the sale of properties, rental income, income from hotel operations and construction services not yet invoiced, including the pro-rata share of non-consolidated companies) totalled EUR 482.6m in 2014. EBITDA stood at EUR 56.8m, while EBIT was EUR 53.5m. The profit for the year amounted to EUR 28.2m. All of the figures stated also include the earnings of PIAG Immobilien AG, which merged with the company in February 2015, on a pro-forma basis for the full business year 2014.

in EUR million 2014 (pro-forma) 2014 (IFRS) 2013 (IFRS)
Poduction output 482.6 342.7 286.7
Revenue 315.3 223.6 211.6
EBITDA 56.8 38.9 31.9
EBIT 53.5 36.6 29.4
Profit of the year 28.2 22.0 13.5

At 31 December 2014, on a pro-forma basis including the merger consolidated net debt stood at EUR 571.3m, consolidated net assets at EUR 1,077.4m and consolidated equity at EUR 265.3m . The full annual report will be published on 14 April 2015, following approval of the financial statements by the supervisory board. The managing board will make a proposal to the general meeting to distribute a dividend of EUR 1.25 per share (previous year: EUR 0.62 per share).

Anna Vay, CEFA
Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
UBM Development AG
phone: +43 (0)664 626 1314