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investor relations.

equity story.

who we are.

  • we are the leading hotel developer in Europe
  • our three core markets are Germany, Austria and Poland
  • we focus on our three asset classes Hotel, Office and Residentail
  • we cover the entire development value chain in-house



  • we develop hotels with over 500 rooms, residential buildings with more than 500 apartments, and offices with project volumes of around € 200m
  • about 670 employees, (300 in development / 370 in hotel business)
  • Development pipeline € 1.8 bn and portfolio value € 1.2 bn
  • Total assets € 1.1 bn and Equity € 420m


stock exchange.

  • UBM shares are listed on the prime market of the Vienna Stock Exchange, ensuring maximum transparency
  • a syndicate of the industrialists Ortner & Strauss is the core shareholder with approx. 39%
  • the Top Management (Executive Committee) has invested € 5m in UBM shares
  • share options enable the Executive Committee to participate in 5% of future value creation



  • our dividend is based on continity and reflects our future earnings power
  • record dividende of € 2.00 for 2017
  • dividend yield of 5.9% based on closing price 2018
  • UBM shares are among the stocks with the highest dividend yield on the Vienna Stock Exchange