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investor relations.

equity story.

who we are.

  • Residential and Office
  • Major European metropolitan areas
  • green. smart. and more.


  • €2.2 bn (pro rata value over next four years)
  • 95% residential and office
  • More than 85% in Germany and Austria

stock market.

  • Prime Market listing in Vienna guarantees maximum transparency
  • Top management (Executive Committee) invested with €5m
  • Ortner and Strauss syndicate as the core shareholder with roughly 39%

track record.

  • Reliable source of dividends
  • Sustainable earnings growth over decades
  • Over 145 years of corporate history


  • Dividend is based on continuity and reflects our future earnings power
  • Stable dividend of € 2.20 for 2020
  • Dividend yield of 6.1% based on closing price 2020
  • UBM shares are among the stocks with the highest dividend yield on the Vienna Stock Exchange


  • Portfolio value: € 1.4bn
  • Total assests: € 1.6bn
  • Equity: € 547m