The largest Holiday Inn Express in continental Europe is being built in Düsseldorf

(Berlin / Vienna, 02-10-2018) The largest Holiday Inn Express on the European mainland is to be built in Düsseldorf. UBM Development Deutschland GmbH (formerly Münchner Grund) – a subsidiary of UBM Development AG and Munich Hotel Invest GmbH – a subsidiary of Lambert Immobilien GmbH, have signed the lease agreement with the operating company Primestar Hotel GmbH. The building application has been submitted and the completion of the Holiday Inn Express hotel is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Best location: close to the Düsseldorf main station

The 3,800-square-meter hotel with around 15,860 m2 of gross floor space is being built on a plot of approximately 3,200 m2 on Moskauer Strasse, not far from Düsseldorf’s main railway station. As was the case with the purchase of the property in spring, Colliers International Hotel GmbH Berlin will also assist with the sale of the building.

Further stage of successful joint venture completed

Christian Berger, Managing Director of UBM Development Deutschland GmbH, stated after the signing: “The successful conclusion of the contract is also a confirmation of the very good project partnership with Munich Hotel Projekt GmbH, a subsidiary of Lambert Immobilien GmbH, with whom we are working together as equal joint venture partners to develop and build the new hotel in the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. We, UBM Development, have already built a number of Holiday Inn Express hotels in Germany. What makes us particularly proud of this project is that it will be the largest on the European mainland. “The project is planned to be built within the scope of a general contractor tender.

Concise architectural design

The design for the hotel comes from the Düsseldorf office slapa oberholz pszczulny | sop architects. The building, with its organically curved facade and transparent ground floor zone, will comprise 455 rooms and provide 122 parking spaces. The adjacent Moskauer Straße will in the future be expanded to a four-lane arterial road. Among others, the project “Grand Central” and the new construction of the Unfallkasse NRW are part of the development area along the Moskauer Straße.

UBM Development is the leading hotel developer in Europe. The strategic focus is on the three clearly defined asset classes hotel, office and residential, as well as on the three core markets of Germany, Austria and Poland. With 145 years of experience, UBM focuses on its core competence, the development of real estate. From the planning to the marketing of the property, all services are offered from a single source. The shares of UBM are listed in the prime market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

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