3deluxe: Smart Work in alten Mauern (Bild: 3deluxe)
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New ideas within old walls

Reusing old buildings helps to protect the environment and scarce resources. As the architects from 3deluxe in Wiesbaden demonstrate, this can be achieved even in the trickiest of settings, creating state-of-the-art workspaces in the midst of industrial history.

The disused power station hall on the former site of concrete manufacturer Dyckerhoff is a listed building. And for good reason: this relic to Wiesbaden’s industrial past cuts an impressive figure by the Rhine, where a new office campus is to create an attractive work environment. Restoring and reusing the hall is part of an overall concept that also includes a sustainable timber hybrid tower. And what 3deluxe has planned for reshaping the power station building is no less impressive.

Alt wird neu: Entwickler SEG und das Büro 3deluxe verwandeln das einstige Dyckerhoff-Areal in einen modernen Office-Campus. (Bild: 3deluxe)
New ideas for old: Developer SEG and architects 3deluxe are reinventing the former Dyckerhoff site as a modern office campus.

Neues Leben im historischen Industriebau: Saniert und umgebaut, wird die Kraftwerkshalle zur „Hülle“ zukunftsfitter Smart Work Spaces. (Bild: 3deluxe)
Restored and converted, the historical industrial building will serve as a “shell” for smart workspaces designed for the future.

Smart workspaces will bring new life into the old walls. 3deluxe is integrating high-quality office areas into the south hall, creating a similar effect to that of boxes stacked casually in a large house flooded with natural light. This means that the enormous space, which bears the hallmarks of its industrial past, will provide a framework for modern, friendly and inviting workspaces.

The challenge for architects now is to make the repurposing projects into something exciting, innovative and future-oriented.

Dieter Brell, 3deluxe Partner

Smart Work in alten Mauern: 3deluxe setzt gestapelte Office-Boxen in Holzbauweise ins Innere der denkmalgeschützten Halle. (Bild: 3deluxe)
Stacked office boxes in a timber design create attractive workspaces inside the listed production hall.

This design calls for a self-sufficient, standalone interior unit in the hall. The concept developed by the architects at 3deluxe retains the character of the listed hall but while creating an interesting space that in turn permits appealing indoor-outdoor usage. It also generates a climate buffer that reduces the amount of energy needed by the building all year round.

Smart timber work boxes

The modular system consisting of light, “stacked” timber office boxes with a standard format allows tenants to shape the space to fit their individual needs. In other words, the smart workspaces are flexible. They also have an extremely appealing design – at first glance, the hall’s new “inner life” calls to mind a pretty little village where people like to come together to work and exchange ideas but also to chat and relax.

3deluxe: Smart Work in alten Mauern. (Bild: 3deluxe)

3deluxe: Smart Work in alten Mauern. (Bild: 3deluxe)

The free spaces between the office boxes and the hall façade form a communicative campus for contemporary office culture. They create niches and zones for breaks, and meeting areas for conferences and co-working.

Workplace with a feel-good factor

The heart of the restored hall also includes a cafeteria and leisure activities like table football and a workout area – and a reception, lobby and waiting lounge. Naturally with plenty of enriching greenery.

3deluxe verwandelt die historische Kraftwerkshalle in Wiesbaden in einen modernes Bürogebäude: Smart Work in alten Mauern. (Bild: 3deluxe)

As 3deluxe partner Dieter Brell explains: “New buildings have always been the most prestigious pursuit in architecture.” This is all changing: “The challenge for architects now is to make the repurposing projects into something exciting, innovative and future-oriented so that people will want existing buildings rather than demolishing them to make new ones.”

Creating a climate shell

The three-storey cluster of rooms is a self-sufficient, climatically separate unit in the hall. This design concept has numerous benefits: the existing façade doesn’t have to be insulated extensively as part of the restoration. And the inner façade of the timber-glass construction doesn’t need to meet the requirements of an outer façade for either insulation or weather protection. This reduces the building and restoration costs. Thanks to the climate shell, it takes less energy to operate the inside offices in both summer and winter, considerably reducing the carbon footprint.

Zukunft im „Bauch“ der Wiesbadener Kraftwerkshalle: Flexibles Box-in-the-Box System mit offenen Terrassen. (Bild: 3deluxe)
Future in the heart of the Wiesbaden power station hall: flexible box-in-the-box system with open terraces.

The serial, modular design of the prefabricated elements keeps the construction phase short and efficient. The project is also sustainable, given the energy efficiency of the box-in-the-box system and how easy it is to dismantle and recycle.

Creative solution à la 3deluxe

This is all in spite of the fact that the historical power station hall is a “difficult” property. The listed building can’t be used for housing or cultural purposes because construction law does not permit this on the former riverside industrial site in Wiesbaden. This clever solution, developed by the 3deluxe team, makes the impressive location into a showpiece for the overall plan, which itself aims to serve as a flagship project for sustainable, future-viable urban development.

3deluxe setzt Smart Work Spaces in die historische Wiesbadener Kraftwerkshalle. (Bild: 3deluxe)

3deluxe setzt Smart Work Spaces in die historische Wiesbadener Kraftwerkshalle. (Bild: 3deluxe)

The smart workspaces in the power station hall are just the beginning of plans to transform the industrial site. Known around the world for its innovative, environmentally friendly projects, 3deluxe has teamed up with urban development company SEG to examine how best to use the 2.7 hectares of the former Dyckerhoff site in a way that is both modern and commercially viable.

Das Team von 3deluxe erforscht und designt nachhaltige Lösungen, die das einstige Industriegelände zum attraktiven Arbeitsort für morgen machen. (Bild: 3deluxe)
The 3deluxe team researches and designs sustainable solutions that will turn the former industrial site into an attractive workplace for tomorrow.

3deluxe’s designs for the timber hybrid tower on this site have also been presented, and the former headquarters will be repurposed as a twin of this new “H20-Tower”. Innovative ideas for creating a new, green office campus will help to cement Wiesbaden’s reputation as a vibrant, future-oriented city.

Text: Elisabeth Schneyder
Translation: Rosemary Bridger-Lippe
Images: 3deluxe