Successful series of sales

  • Polish properties sold for more than €160 mn in total
  • Sale of Hauptpost Potsdam for €19 mn rounds off Fast Track 2017

(Vienna, 22-01-2018) The turn of the year has been characterised by a range of sales successes for UBM. The “Kotlarska” office building in the heart of Krakow, completed in December, was sold to the Czech real estate mutual fund ZFP realitní fond for around €30 mn before the end of the year. This month, the “Pegaz” office building, completed a year ago and boasting almost 21,000 m² lettable space in a top location in Wroclaw, was sold to Hamburg’s Warburg-HIH for around €54 mn. Two hotels in Poland went to Union Investment – one was the Holiday Inn “Twarda” in Warsaw for around €41 mn. The other one is the Holiday Inn in Gdansk, which is under construction until spring 2019 and which was sold in a forward sale structure to Union Investment for around €38 mn.

“Through a new way of collaboration between the UBM teams in Poland, Vienna and the hotel division, we have managed to generate a sales volume in excess of €160 mn in a remarkably short period”, said Chairman of the UBM Polska Managing Board, Peter Obernhuber.

The accelerated sales programme Fast Track 2017 was rounded off with the acquisition of the historic Hauptpost building in Potsdam by Austrian S-Immo for around €19 mn.

“UBM has thereby proven its ability for turning around projects extremely quickly and can now focus on developing the adjoining, undeveloped land”, explaines Managing Director of the German business Christian Berger.

“Fast Track 2017 in its entirety can go down as a real success-story. A year ago none of us would have dared think it possible”, added Andreas Zangenfeind, Executive Committee member responsible for Transactions.

“Kotlarska” office project in Krakow

Time of impact Q4/2017
Net sales proceeds  approx. EUR 30 mn
Effect on total output  100%
Effect on revenue  None (share deal)
Effect on net debt  approx. EUR 30 mn


“Pegaz” office project in Wroclaw

Time of impact Q1/2018
Net sales proceeds  approx. EUR 54 mn
Effect on total output  100%
Effect on revenue  100% (asset deal)
Effect on net debt  approx. EUR 54 mn


Holiday Inn “Twarda” in Warsaw

Time of impact  Q1/2018
Net sales proceeds  approx. EUR 41 mn
Effect on total output  100%
Effect on revenue  100% (asset deal)
Effect on net debt  approx. EUR 41 mn


Holiday Inn in Gdansk

Time of impact  expected Q1/2019
Net sales proceeds  approx. EUR 38 mn
Effect on total output  100%
Effect on revenue  100% (asset deal)
Effect on net debt  approx. EUR 38 mn


Potsdam Hauptpost (standing asset)

Time of impact  Q1/2018
Net sales proceeds  EUR 18.7 mn
Effect on total output  EUR 9.4 mn
Effect on revenue  None (at equity consolidation)
Effect on net debt  EUR 9.4 mn


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