immergrün Berlin
Germany, Berlin, Pankow
Embedded in plenty of green, these six town-houses form a spacious residential complex. Lively facades and vertical gardens set the stage for retreats with plenty of fresh air, sun and green- and all this in the heart of the city. Modern floor plans with units of approx. 45 m² to approx. 125 m² with 1-4 rooms offer the right concept for everyone. KfW Energy Efficiency House 55 in accordance with the EnEV Directive (2016) is envisaged and represents the outstanding sustainability of the project.
NeuHouse Berlin
Germany, Berlin, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
An extraordinary ensemble of a listed building and a new building in the centre of Berlin. Classic historic building meets modern, dynamic design in the new building. High-quality features in both parts, almost all apartments have a balcony or terrace. 6 small commercial units are located on the ground floor of the new building.