QBC 1&2
Austria, Vienna
The office space in the QBC 1 + 2 offers maximum flexibility. All office types such as group and individual offices can be adapted to your specific requirements. A special highlight in the QBC 1 + 2 are the roof terraces with a wonderful view over Vienna, which is available to all tenants.
Astrid Offices
Czechia, Prague
Astrid Offices is an exceptional intimate project in the heart of Holešovice. The combination of unique architecture and state of the art technologies formed more than just a building, it but synergized in living space where you enjoy to create, make decisions, plan, discuss... The office building consists of five above ground and two underground floors. Extensive glazed areas with the use of outdoor vertical lamellas and horizontal louvers on the building façade provide very pleasant natural light. The main entrance with reception desk and spacious lobby reflect the airiness and light of all rental areas. There are several co-working spots available within the building including the lobby, the common green areas and roof terrace to network and find inspiration.
Hafeninsel V - Kaufmannshof
An ensemble comprising apartments and commercial space is currently under development in the former Mainz customs harbour, on the old harbour basin. Surrounded on three sides by water, it transforms maritime flair into reality. With its clinker facade, the building reflects the history and architecture of the old Mainz customs port. Fifty condominiums are planned, including five as townhouses. Construction is expected to start in mid-2019.
Katowice Mlynska
Poland, Katowice
Located in the heart of the city, next to a railway station, a town hall and a large mall, a modern building will in an excellent way complement and enhance the value of the existing urban tissue. Designed to provide accommodation and office space, it will comprise 268 hotel rooms. Its office space totals 3,783 square meters (gross).